Further Information
Although I am a specialist in medical illustration, I do, and have done, other kinds of illustrations and paintings. For further examples go to

My Work

AnnamarieAs a professional medical illustrator, I have covered most aspects of medical illustration.
I have provided artwork for leading medical publishers, specialising in books covering Anatomy and physiology, surgery, nursing and health.

I have a wealth of experience, and, using my varied skills can produce clear artwork with great accuracy, and have the ability to understand the complexity of what needs to be portrayed.

I produce artwork in a variety of styles and mediums, ranging from simple line drawings to full colour highly complex illustrations. I work in traditional as well as digital media.

Traditional techniques include hand rendered pieces in pen and ink, pencil, coloured pencils, water colour and gouache paint. I take pride in detailed accurate work.

Digital techniques include artwork produced in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. To produce this artwork I start from the clients brief and prepare an accurate hand-drawn pencil sketch which is then scanned and painted digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

I produce artwork for print or the web. I have also exhibited artwork.

In all my artwork my aim is not only to portray the complexity of the human body, but also to convey it’s aesthetic beauty and form.